Micross is proud to introduce our EOL Die Sustainment Program (EDSP)

EDSP will support our customers in challenging situations where a product has or will become end-of-life. To avoid costly re-qualification, mitigate counterfeit risk, Micross offers this program solution to sustain the performance of critical platforms and eliminate the need for costly re-designs.

As the largest global supplier of bare die, Micross offers flexibility to adapt our suppliers’ standard products to the unique requirements of a customer’s system or platform. Over the years, Micross has developed key relationships with leading semiconductor manufacturers providing us with access to thousands of different part types in support of customer’s need to extend the life of components 5-10+ years after EOL.

Micross EDSP - Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline

Combining all of our capabilities to bring you a One Source Solution


For more information, contact Maria Gillespie.