Supplier Managed Inventory

Once devices have been packaged and tested, many customers choose to engage Micross to manage their inventories of finished products. Our ultra-clean inventory facilities meet JEDEC industry standards for temperature and humidity and are closely monitored for any change in ambient conditions. We have the capability to drop-ship product to customer to help manage inventories in the supply chain. Micross provides regular inventory reports showing accurate inventory status.

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What's Included:
  • Procurement of raw parts for a given set of products per customer forecast
  • Holding and management of raw part inventory on consignment
  • BOM monitoring to mitigate risk of EOL/PCN and to enable program/product lifecycle extension
  • Modification/testing of parts per requirements on customer drawings
  • Holding of finished goods inventory as needed
  • Delivery to customer defined location in accordance with customer provided MRP or as otherwise directed by customer
  • Invoicing when finished goods are shipped to customer
SMI Benefits:
  • Free up cash and increase ROIC
  • Convenience of one PO and "one source solution"
  • Reduce administrative cost associated with multiple purchase orders, shipments, supplier interfaces, order status, material handling, expedites...
  • Last time buys can be executed and inventoried at Micross facilities for an extended time period
  • Diminished risk of non-compliant material being inadvertently assembled into the end product
  • Reduced pricing for services & operational efficiencies attained by combining similar packages for production
  • Parts can be kitted per material requirement planning (MRP)

SMI Program Manager Diagram

SMI - How we manage:

SMI Program Manager
  • Single point of contact with overall responsibility for meeting customer requirements
SMI Program Manager Critical Functions
  • Procurement (dedicated resource) – works with suppliers to procure parts at most competitive cost and ensure parts are available to meet customer requirements
  • Materials Planning (PM or dedicated resource depending on volume) - customer interface to understand demand and delivery requirements and coordinate internally with procurement and production planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Account Management
  • Supported by dedicated incoming inspection & materials management resources
  • Micross provides SMI and Turnkey solutions for 30+ customers
  • Currently supporting more than 650 unique parts and program projected to double by year-end, with an annual volume of ~500k units

Note: Micross can also provided individual Turnkey Solutions enabling OEMs to outsource inventory procurement of parts requiring component modification.

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