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Micross Component Modification Services provides a full turnkey solution for modifying, testing, and preparing components for our customers, and is uniquely able to reduces cost & risk by eliminating multiple touch points, shipments, and purchase orders. 

Tape & Reel

Tape & Reel is one method to transport the die to the customer. The tape has cavities that each holds a single die

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3D Scanning

Allows for minimum handling and maximizing in-line vision inspection for tray-to-tray, tray-to-tube, trap-to-tube

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Bake and Package

GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 long term storage packaging, J-STD-033 dry bake and moisture sensitivity level packaging

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Marking, Labeling & Kitting

Devices can be identified as altered by ink dot, laser etch, and other physical marking methods

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Additional Services

Component Qualification

Employing state-of-the-art test equipment to provide reliability solutions for ICs, material analysis, latest ESD/LU equipment, acoustic image

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Fine & Gross Leak Test

GEIA-STD-0006 finish replacement qualification, IEC TS 62647-4 qualification ball grid array (BGA) reballing, ionic contamination, solderability

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Acoustic Microscopy (AM)

Uses sound waves to non-destructively view the inside of molded packages, AM can detect delamination outside the limits of J-STD-020

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X-Ray Inspection

Best way to find poor wetting and insufficient reflow, joint density, ball irregularities, bridges between solder balls, voiding, shorts, and so on

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X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Determines the percentage and thickness of Lead (Pb) and other elements in termination finishes. As well as XRF Screening and IPC-A-610

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Counterfeit Mitigation

Independent third-party counterfeit lab. AS6081 & AS7161 counterfeit testing services

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BOM Monitoring and Reporting

Active monitoring, contingency planning, proactive replacement, real time data analytics, notifications for EOL/PCN die and components

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Supplier Managed Inventory

Procurement, holding and management, BOM monitoring, modification/testing, holding of finished goods, delivery to customer defined location

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