Lot Acceptance Testing

The industry standard regarding test for part number sold as bare die and wafer is that all devices are 100% probed at 25 degrees C for DCs and functionals.  For customers using die in a hybrid circuit a lot acceptance test or element evaluation may be required. This testing is performed on a sample of die from one lot that is packaged and electrically tested per the device data sheet or per the customer's drawing. Lot testing is done to verify the element characteristics required and to assure device performance meets the specified conditions as experienced in the application.

Our Capabilities
  • Selected Parameter Probe
  • Hot & Cold Chuck Temperature Probing
  • Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT)
  • Up to 12" Wafer Capacity, Final Test at Wafer Level
  • Conversion Between Industry Formats
  • Inking Using Any Electronic Wafer Map

Lot Acceptance Testing

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