Linear Integrated Systems

Linear Systems


Linear Integrated Systems has more than 35 years of design and process expertise in JFET and transistor manufacturing. Linear Integrated Systems supplies pin-for-pin replacements for more than 2,000 discrete devices and are the preferred source for many discontinued products.

  • Product line includes: BIFET amplifiers, bipolar transistors, current regulating diodes, JFETs, high-speed lateral DMSO switches, low-leakage diodes, and MOSFETs
  • Offer both Standard and Custom Products
  • Low MOQ’s, fast turn-around time and samples available from Micross
  • Together, Linear Systems and Micross offer bare die & packaged products as well as small-signal discrete product lines specifically designed to service Aerospace, Defense, Space, Industrial and Medical markets.

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    LS844 Series Dual JFET

    Low Cost, Ultra-Low Noise, Low-Drift, Monolithic Dual N-Channel JFET

    • LS844 TO-71 6L RoHS
    • LS844 TO-78 6L RoHS
    • LS844 SOT-23 6L RoHS
    • LS844 SOIC 8L RoHS
    • LS844 PDIP 8L RoHS

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