Component Harvesting

An obsolete, long-lead time, or high-priced device mounted on an otherwise defective or obsolete circuit assembly can be removed, refinished, and verified for re-use by the original source, saving countless costs in redesign efforts or replacement.

Micross Has Over 20 Years of Experience in Safely Harvesting Components for Board Repair & Re-Use
  • Fully automated process – No risk of bending or damaging leads.
  • Micross’ harvesting process utilizes 17 rework/reflow stations
  • Heated Stage with forced, focused hot air
  • The most precise control of temperature ramp up, time at peak and ramp down
  • Eliminates potential of thermal damage to the harvested components and circuit board

Component being desoldered from PCB

Component Modification Services for Harvested Components
  • Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) and BGA reballing Using SAC305 for RoHS compatible or Sn63/Pb 37 for RoHS exempt applications
  • Micross has the most extensive array of next-gen equipment exceeding all process requirements of industry standards;
    • - GEIA-0006 (RHSD) and IEC TS62647-4 (Reballing) guaranteeing conformance to IPC-J-STD-001 & IPC-J-STD-002
  • Complete in-house electrical, environmental & mechanical testing

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