CMS - Crewe, UK

Micross Component Modification Services (CMS) Crewe provides unparalleled in-house engineering and technical depth of knowledge for component modification.

Micross Crewe's extensive mix of equipment supports customized engine process solutions whilst also addressing International Standards used in the best practice for re-balling BGA and Robotic Hot Solder Dipping components.

Crewe, UK


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Component Modification

BGA Reballing

A process that flushes all lead-free balls and alloy residue from the pads and replaces them with Tin-Lead balls

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Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD)

Eliminates the risk of tin whiskers without damaging the component

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Lead Attach

Proprietary process developed to maintain the integrity of component-to-PCB solder joints under stress

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CGA Attach

Guarantees a superior hi-reliability interconnect and best suited for assembly & component attached integrity

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Trim/Form & Reconditioning

Choose from various shipment options with the ability to customize to specifications

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