BGA Reballing

Micross has a BGA Reballing Process that flushes all lead-free balls and alloy residue from the pads and replaces them with Tin-Lead balls. RHSD equipment remove the balls and refinish the pads resulting in 100% pad alloy replacement ensuring the strongest solder joint. Our reballing process has undergone extensive qualification testing at independent labs proving that the process is safe and reliable. Parts can be processed per IEC TS62647-4.

Following are Some of Our Reballing Services:

  • Conversion to Tin-Lead
  • Conversion to RoHS Compliance
  • Ball Attach to LGA, QFN and DFN packages
  • Ball pitch from 0.40mm
  • Processing of ceramic and plastic BGAs and LGAs
  • LGA Gold Removal and Reballing
  • Conversion to leaded spheres for Hi-Rel Applications
Micross BGA Reballing Center of Excellence

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