Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is performed to ensure that all mechanical defects caused by post fabrication processes are identified and removed prior to shipping the good die. The most common inspection criteria, outside of the commercial market, are the MIL Standard 883 method, 2010 for integrated circuits and MIL standard 750 methods, 2072 and 2073 for discrete devices. Visual inspection can be done via AOI, automated optical inspection, or manually using high magnification microscopes. The inspection criteria looks for defects such as chip-outs and cracks on the die caused by dicing, passivation voids caused during the fabrication process, surface scratches caused by handling, bridging metal, embedded foreign material and contamination.

Our Capabilities
  • AQL
  • MIL-STD (Commercial, Military, and Aerospace Grades)
  • Inspection via AOI Equipment Available
  • Most Up-to-Date Automatic Inspection Equipment

Micross employee inspecting die

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