Die Plating / Customized Output

Die can be sorted into a multitude of carriers. Usually this is determined by the assembly processes of the manufacturer buying the die. The sorting process can be done manually for small volume requirements. However, when performing the process on an entire wafer or multiple wafers, an automated pick-and-place machine would be best to support this requirement. The pick-and-place equipment can quickly and with precision, pick the die off the membrane and place it in the carrier desired. The pick-and-place equipment is programmed to identify and pick up only the electrically good die using a wafer map either provided by the OEM or created by the test facility that probe the wafers. 

Our Capabilities
  • Automated, Virtually Contactless Handling of Singulated Die
  • Compatible with All Electronic Wafer Maps
  • Multiple Bin/Grade Die Picking
  • Safe Handling of Sensitive Topsides & 3D Features
  • Manual Pick and Place as Needed

Pick & Place Machine


Supply Forms/Packaging

To protect bare die during shipments, it is critically important to choose the right supply form and packaging. A combination of factors, including movement within the container, topside surface contact, electro-static discharge (ESD) and even exposure to air, can damage the product, reducing yields during assembly.

As packaging experts, we can help you choose the supply form that best meets your manufacturing needs while protecting your bare die from corrosion and ESD. We offer a wide variety shipment options, including:

  • Wafer
  • Wafer sawn on foil (sawn is optional)
  • Wafer on foil with visual defects inked
  • Waffle pack (conductive or non-conductive)
  • Gel pack (adhesive)
  • Tape on reel

We also give you the option of customizing your supply form to meet a specific manufacturing process. For example, tape on reel is ideal for use with automated pick-and-place machines. Or, if you desire, we can store your products in our die bank until they’re needed on the production line.

As your trusted die supplier, we will see to it that your products are (1) stored and transported safely and (2) arrive in a form that that is suitable for your manufacturing process.


Waffle Tray Gel-Pak Wafer Forms Wafers on Foil Tape & Reel

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