Alliance Memory

Alliance Memory


Alliance Memory is a manufacturer of legacy SRAM and DRAM memory products. Their products allow for long-term support of programs often needing obsolescence and product continuation solutions.

  • Offers full range of Asyn & Synch SRAMS & DRAMs and DDR1, DDR2 & DDR3
  • Manufactured devices are pin-for-pin drop in replacements from Micron, Samsung, ISSI, Cypress, Nanya and Hynix
  • Micross supports full product portfolio & can assist with quick sample turnaround
  • Micross & Alliance Memory collaborate to offer an extensive range of capabilities to support Commercial, Industrial, Communications, Computing, Consumer to Aerospace & Defense markets

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    512 x 8 Bit Low Power CMOS SRAM

    • Access Time: 55 ns
    • Low Power Consumption: Operating Current: 30 mA (TYP)
    • Fully Static Operation
    • Tristate Output
    • Data Retention Voltage: 1.5V (min)

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