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Micross has 12 World Class Manufacturing Operations, with AS9100 & ISO9001 certifications. Micross offers Die & Wafer Solutions, Products & Services, and Component Modification Services all throughout North America, with a team of Sales Representatives across North America who can help with any of your questions. Contact a sales representative to learn more about our services.

Micross North America

Die & Wafer

Die & Wafer Solutions - Apopka, FL

Die distribution, wafer processing, and value-added services

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Micross Express - Woburn, MA

Die distribution, passive components, same-day service & vendor managed inventory

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SemiDice - Los Alamitos, CA

SemiDice is an acquisition of Micross, offering Die & Wafer Solutions

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Products & Services

Hi-Rel Components - Apopka, FL

QML level packaging, hi-rel ICs and components, ASICs, FPGAs, MCMs, and assembly services

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Hi-Rel Power Solutions - San Jose, CA

Hybrid DC-DC converters, PCB DC-DC converters and complementary EMI filters

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Hi-Rel RF Solutions - Shirley, MA

GaN/GaAs RF and microwave switches, attenuators, amplifiers, and custom & MCMs

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Data Bus Couplers & Harnesses - Sunrise, FL

Micross Sunrise offers hi-rel MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers & harness assemblies

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Hi-Rel Diodes - Reynosa, MX

High-Reliability discrete diodes and assemblies for power supplies, base stations...

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Adv. Interconnect Tech. - Raleigh, NC

Wafer bumping & WLP, 2.5/3D heterogeneous integration, and novel microfabrication

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Silicon Turnkey Solutions - Milpitas, CA

Electrical and reliability testing, PEMs upscreening & qualification

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Counterfeit Mitigation - Clearwater, FL

Premier counterfeit mitigation, testing, upscreening, and IC programming

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Component Modification

CMS - Manchester, NH

Robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) and lead attach, trim & form & reconditioning

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CMS - Round Rock, TX

BGA reballing, components harvesting & reconditioning and solderability

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