CMS - Round Rock, TX

Micross Component Modification Services (CMS) Round Rock utilizes proprietary robotic processes to deliver guaranteed BGA reballing yields and industry-leading turnaround times. Micross’ proprietary BGA pad preparation and sphere attachment processes can be customized quickly, ensuring proper package and sphere tolerances are met for each BGA, thus creating the highest possible yield for each reballing job. Round Rock component modification services include:

  • BGA Reballing and Converting RoHS BGAs to SnPb or SnPb to SAC 305
  • Ball Attach to DSBGA, WL/LFCSP, LGA, QFN and DFN Packages
  • LGA Gold Removal & Reballing

Round Rock, TX


+1 (888) 400 5868

Component Modification

BGA Reballing

A process that flushes all-lead free balls and alloy residue from the pads and replaces them with Tin-Lead balls

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