Silicon Turnkey Solutions - Milpitas, CA

Micross STS, in Milpitas, California, is an advanced testing facility, providing more than 40 years of component and product testing expertise to meet critical program and application needs.

Our core engineering and manufacturing strengths provide advanced solutions in areas such as environmental testing, electrical test, and specialty packaging, as well as component, board and reliability qualification testing services.

Silicon Turnkey Solutions


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Products & Services

COTS Upscreening

Over 30 years experience upscreening and testing nearly all types of electronic components

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Electrical Testing

Highest standards of testing and in meeting your time-to-market objectives while reducing the cost of testing

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Environmental Testing

Utilizing environmental chambers to accelerate deterioration and shorten test cycles by varying temperature

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Reliability Testing

Our plans are designed specific to the device application, its suitability of use, and the interaction in subsystems

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