Management Team

Vincent Buffa

Chairman & CEO

Kenneth Kates

Chief Financial Officer

John Santini

Chief Technical Officer

Christine Ortiz

Vice President, Human Resources

Erik Everett

Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Jeremy Adams

Senior Vice President, Products & Services

Dusty Kramer

Senior Vice President, Hi-Rel Power Solutions

Richard Locarni

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Hi-Rel Power Solutions

Estro Vitantonio

Vice President, Component Modification Services, Hi-Rel Diodes, and Data Bus Couplers & Harnesses

Rich Connors

Senior Vice President, Die Distribution and Services

Laura Margeson

Vice President/General Manager, SemiDice

Graham Jefferies

Managing Director, Europe Operations

Lauren Correia

Vice President,  Global Supply Chain

Neil Pariag

Senior Director, Operation Improvement, Business Integrations, and Engineering

Manny Sammartino

Director, Operations

Keith McDonald

Senior Vice President, Finance

Anne Ahsanuddin

 Vice President, Finance

Michael Weinfurt

Senior Director, Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Christopher Stabile

Senior Director of Corporate Marketing Communications, Inside Sales & Sales Operations 

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