CMS - Manchester, NH

Micross Component Modification Services (CMS) Manchester pioneered Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) Technology in 1984, and is supported by an in-house team of experienced technicians that have dedicated over 35 years to mastering component preparation solutions with RHSD. Micross Manchester offers unmatched technical depth with quick-turn robotic solutions and other component modification services, including :

  • Lead Attach, Lead Forming and Reconditioning
  • Gold Removal and Restoration of Solderability
  • RoHS Compliance - Removes SnPb & Replaces it with SAC305 or Specified Alloy
  • Post-Process Testing - Solderability, XRF Solder Characterization, Ionic Cleanliness
  • Proprietary Ultra-Fast Finish for Bottom Termination Packages (QFN, MLF, LCC)

Manchester, NH


(603) 893 9900

Component Modification

Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD)

Eliminates the risk of tin whiskers without damaging the component

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Lead Attach

Proprietary process developed to maintain the integrity of component-to-PCB solder joints under stress

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Trim/Form & Reconditioning

Choose from various shipment options with the ability to customize specifications

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PCB Solutions

Providing a full-turnkey solution sustaining your program by enabling the use of existing components and boards

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Support Solutions

Providing a full turnkey solution for modifying, testing, and preparing components for our customers

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