Micross can make repairs that few in the industry are willing to attempt. We’ll perform trace modification in the most inaccessible areas, including under BGAs or other sensitive components.

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We repair defective boards and prototypes, correcting manufacturing faults of all kinds: damaged traces and solder mask, incorrectly installed components, manufacturing defects — whatever electrical or mechanical flaws keep your PCB from functioning optimally. In a single manufacturing run, several different boards may present several different types of faults; we’ll analyze each mechanical problem, propose appropriate solutions and repair each one the right way. 

We repair and restore pad sites for any component, including fine-pitch and variable-pitch BGAs, QFNs, and package-on-package stacks. We also offer automated removal and replacement of BGA, Micro BGA, and flip-chip plus majority of fine-pitch components. Our in-house technicians routinely rework the most intricate PCB designs, saving even heavily damaged boards. Our specialist rework service is enhanced by our in-house capability to x-ray inspect a variety of electronic components

Multiple rework stations allow our technicians to process a large number of boards in the smallest timeframe, maintaining our exemplary on-time delivery statistics.  We analyze manufacturing flaws and find the most cost-effective methods to repair them.

Micross employee working on a PCB board

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