Cypress was acquired by Infineon in April of 2020.

Cypress is the leader in advanced embedded system solutions for the world’s most innovative
electronic users. Cypress’ products help engineers find solutions needed for reliable, high-performance memory applications and design differentiated products that get them to market first.

  • Manufactures industries only PSoC programmable system-on-chip solution
  • Innovative products created specifically for the IoT market with flexible performance for additional market segments
  • One of the largest suppliers of nvSRAM in the market
  • Micross & Cypress collaborate to offer the broadest memory product portfolio in the market with decades of expertise supporting the memory market across all segments; from Industrial, Commercial, Space to Aerospace & Defense

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    • NOR Flash
    • NAND Flash
    • nvSRAM
    • FRAM
    • Asynch SRAM
    • Synch SRAM

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