Long Term Die & Wafer Storage

Micross provides semiconductor die/wafer procurement & storage as well as large-capacity bare die banks, which can hold stock from a single diffusion run to assure homogeneity. Products are stored in a dedicated ESD-controlled environment in special smoke and water-resistant containers within a dry nitrogen environment that prevents contamination. The storage area is highly-secure and confined with bonded inventory control.

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Die Banking Capabilities Include:
  • Access to a product years after the LTB date
  • Cost-effective extension of project life, eliminating the need for a redesign
  • Environmentally safe storage that prevents deterioration
  • Bare die products can be safely stored for many years
  • We offer expertise in bare die and wafer handling
  • We have a large storage capacity and can store die at multiple sites
  • Store EOL Die for long-term sustainment - See EDSP
Wafers/Die Procurement & Storage Include:
  • Micross procures or receives customer consigned inventory – specified semiconductor wafer or die materials using front end part number – delivers C of C to customer, and holds in long term storage to be shipped as required
  • Front end/back end terms include predefined finished goods delivery schedule and disposition instructions for unused materials

Long Term Die Storage at Apopka, FL

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