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1N3595Fairchild/ON SemiconductorHigh Conductance Fast Diode
1N4448Fairchild/ON SemiconductorHigh Conductance Fast Diode
2N2222ACentralThrough-Hole Transistor-Small Signal (<=1A) NPN High Current
2N2222AFairchild/ON SemiconductorNPN Bipolar Transistor
2N2484Fairchild/ON SemiconductorBipolar Transistors - BJT NPN Low Lvl SS
2N2907AFairchild/ON SemiconductorSmall Signal Switching Transistor
2N3019Fairchild/ON SemiconductorLow Power Transistors
2N3799Fairchild/ON SemiconductorBipolar Transistors - BJT
2N3904Fairchild/ON SemiconductorGeneral Purpose Transistor
CD4093BTexas InstrumentsCMOS Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger
IRFC110BVishayMosfet N-Channnel 100V
IRFC120BVishayMosfet N-Channel 100V
LM111 MD8Texas InstrumentsVoltage Comparator
MPSH81Fairchild/ON SemiconductorPNP RF Transistor

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