$134.3M DoD Contract Expands Micross AIT OSAT Capabilities

300mm Capabilities

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Melville, NY (November 27, 2023) – Micross Components (“Micross”), a leading provider of high-reliability microelectronic products and services for aerospace, defense, space, medical, energy, and other high-reliability applications, is pleased to announce that it has received an award under the IBAS Cornerstone RESHAPE program with a ceiling value of up to $134.3 million, with $45.6 million obligated at the time of the award. The award was made through the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop trusted, pure-play and open-access Advanced Packaging capabilities and capacity for low-volume/high-mix production of secure 2.5/3D Advanced System Integration and Packaging (ASIP) solutions.

This effort focuses on Back End Of Line (BEOL) processes for 300mm wafer diameter capabilities aimed at low volume, high mix, secure manufacturing capabilities that all Defense Industrial Base companies can design into their next-generation applications, ensuring access and availability to a U.S. microelectronics ecosystem that enables secure and comprehensive components and system integrations. The IBAS Cornerstone Re-shore Ecosystem for Secure Heterogeneous Advanced Packaged Electronics (RESHAPE) award includes options for additional Advanced Packaging manufacturing capabilities, which would further augment Micross’ production capabilities and accelerate throughput. “The Defense Industrial Base will benefit from the RESHAPE on-shoring effort to further Advanced Packaging manufacturing capabilities with Micross Components”, stated Matt Walsh, OSD IBAS Advanced Packaging Chief Engineer. “The OSD IBAS organization understands the critical need for an Advanced Packaging ecosystem in the U.S., and this contract award to Micross is part of that effort.”

Jeremy Adams, Micross Sr. Vice President said, "The Cornerstone RESHAPE award enhances Micross Advanced Interconnect Technology (AIT), a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Trusted Source for post-processing services and the premier domestic wafer-level packaging provider, with the addition of 300mm wafer processing capabilities and the expansion of 200mm wafer production capacity. Located in Raleigh, NC, Micross AIT has been providing wafer-level production services on 200mm and smaller wafer formats in various substrate materials (Si, SiGe, GaN on Si, glass) in an agnostic and non-captive facility for over 25 years, as part of our wafer-level packaging and 3D Heterogenous Integration product lines." Vincent Buffa, CEO & Chairman of Micross said, "This award ensures domestic and secure access for all programs of record to the most advanced wafer-level interconnect and advanced packaging techniques on wafers from all foundries, including state of the art nodes. Micross continues to drive wafer-level, advanced packaging, and test technologies to reduce device size, weight, and power consumption, enabling optimization and qualification of the most advanced high-reliability microelectronics for all of our customers, especially the Department of Defense and our warfighters."

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