Micross Hi-Rel DC-DC Power... On Board KA425 Satellite

Micross On-Board K425 Satellite

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April 7th,  2024 – South Korea successfully launched its first "425 Project" Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Satellite.  Onboard the K425 Satellite is Micross' custom TPSUR DC-DC power supply – designed specifically for SAR applications based on the standard TPSU model. The redundant TPSUR power supply consists of two identical power supplies installed in a single mechanical structure, and is internally cross strapped on the output rails. The DC-DC converter supplies both the transmitter and receiver portion of the radar antenna and applies special design methods to minimize the EMI generated by the transmitter and receiver.

TPSU DC-DC Converter

Micross’ TPSU  offers state-of-the-art performance and is specifically designed for GaN based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) applications. Providing excellent suppression of pulsed load current from output to input, and can be tailored to the specific spacecraft bus and equipment requirements.


TPSU Model

Micross Hi-Rel DC-DC PCB Power Converters

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions Rad-Hard PCB based DC-DC power supplies include all key features to directly interface with satellite platforms and are tailored to the customers power requirements. Micross provides a range of standard platforms based on a general design philosophy which can be tailored to the customer’s program requirements. Fully customized designs are also supported.   


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