The Supply Chain Storm

Navigating Through Disruptions & Diminishing Materials in Hi-Rel Electronics

Shortages in the Hi-Rel electronics supply chain are nothing new. The field goes through four to five year cycles with its own ebbs and flows. However, the shortage seen during COVID-19 has created incredible demand with little to no inventory. The impact has been immediate and will continue to echo for years to come. It’s crucial to know what caused this devastating shortage and how to prevent something similar from happening again.

Some experts from the Hi-Rel industry are already working together towards this end. The ECIA and ERA are leading the conversation with Micross working on their sustainability efforts. They are not only looking towards the immediate future for recovery but reevaluating the systems that led to the current shortage. These discussions have been going on at the executive level, but now, they open the topic for everyone.

In this virtual event, Aaron Conant hosts a panel of experts to break down the current shortage in Hi-Rel electronics. The group goes through what led to the shortage, the impact of it, and how to prevent something on this scale from happening again. They also talk about the involvement of Wall Street and the government as well as the effects of outsourced manufacturing. They even find time to address the resulting pain points for many businesses and how to address them.

Recorded: August 19th, 2021

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