Micross & Apogee Semiconductor Announce Global Partnership

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Melville, NY (March 4, 2022) – Micross Components, Inc. ("Micross"), a leading global provider of mission-critical microelectronic components and services for high-reliability aerospace, defense, space, medical, and industrial applications, is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Apogee Semiconductor, a leader in Radiation-Hardened-by-Design semiconductors, created with the patented TalRad™ (Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation) process. Micross is now the global supplier of die and packaged devices utilizing Apogee Semiconductor technology. Micross and Apogee Semiconductor radiation hardened solutions offer system designers a more cost-effective approach to achieving their specific radiation and temperature performance requirements for extreme environments, from low earth orbits (LEO) to deep space and other high radiation applications, while also enabling SWaP (size, weight and power) optimization.

Together, Apogee Semiconductor and Micross now offer products that include logic, interface, and translation ICs, in all form factors in addition to the OEM plastic packaging, available in 30 krad (si) and 300 krad (si) total ionizing dose (TID) variants and three testing grades. With the most comprehensive offering of end-to-end microelectronic services, Micross is fully qualified to provide Apogee Semiconductor technology as bare die, standard components, mil-temp screened integrated circuits (ICs), qualified plastic encapsulated microcircuits (NASA/Goddard Space EEE-INST-002, Level 2 PEMs), or as MIL-PRF-38534 qualified hermetic multi-chip modules, and all of these formats can be optimized for specific application needs through value-added enhancements.

"With our evolutionary TalRad™ radiation hardening technology, and Micross' industry leading portfolio of value-added microelectronic services and global market access, this partnership will enable the New Space firms to finally get the products they have been looking for, while also being able to provide new technology solutions for every flight mission" said Anton Quiroz, CEO, Apogee Semiconductor. “The range of form factors available through Micross, from bare die to qualified plastic encapsulated and hermetically sealed devices, now enables us to provide designers with maximum flexibility and cost savings, for their specific application needs from LEO to deep space and beyond."

"We are excited to be working with Apogee and their remarkable TalRad™ technology, to expand our portfolio of high-reliability solutions," said Jeremy Adams, Micross Vice President of Products & Services. "This collaboration continues Micross' journey in its quest to provide OEMs of aerospace and space systems with the right products for today's requirements. Apogee Semiconductor joins our growing list of off-the-shelf and integrated products that is accelerating our goal to become the solutions provider for the industry."

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Micross is the most complete provider of advanced microelectronic services and component, die and wafer solutions. With the broadest authorized access to die & wafer suppliers, and the most comprehensive advanced packaging, assembly, modification and test capabilities, Micross is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled high-reliability solutions from bare die, to fully packaged devices, to complete program lifecycle sustainment. For more than 40 years, Micross has been a trusted source for the aerospace, defense, space, medical and industrial markets.

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About Apogee Semiconductor

TallannQuest LLC DBA Apogee Semiconductor has been developing rad-hard IC design tools and processes since 2014. It has a team of very experienced design, systems and process engineers who are taking a different and smarter approach to radiation-hardened-by-design (RHBD) IC design, verification, test and manufacturing. Their rapidly growing portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of products and superior value to their customers. www.apogeesemi.com .

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