Micross has the expertise to characterize and reverse engineer devices, along with broadest access to source functionally equivalent die.

Offers the Sourcing EOL/LTB Die & Wafer
Obsolescence management for OEMs when parts go EOL

  • If required parts available – source/procure to support program needs with Lifetime Buy Management service - See EDSP
  • If unavailable – source/procure similar commercial parts if this is an acceptable alternative for the OEM
    • - Identify PIN compatible components for upscreening
    • - Diminishes cost in redesigning component
    • - Reduces production delays and down-time

Characterizing and Sourcing
3rd party equivalent die

  • If the die is not available, but we are provided with a sample to characterize, Micross will source a functionally equivalent die and utilize our advanced capabilities to manufacture a form-fit-function packaged equivalent product to SMD and other required quality levels.
  • The mechanical footprint and electrical specifications required by the application are maintained, solving DMS and avoiding costly re-designs.