Hybrid DC-DC Converters

High Reliability Hermetic Hybrid DC-DC Converters

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions is a trusted expert in high-reliability DC-DC converters, offering a broad portfolio available in a wide range of packages for space, defense and aerospace, and other demanding environments. The portfolio includes:

  • Ruggedized DC-DC converters
  • Radiation-hardened (rad hard) hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters, with DLA-certified SMD-5962 up to Class K available for multiple models
  • Rad hard PCB open frame and enclosed power supplies

Backed by Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions' vast space heritage, you can source high-reliability, qualified platforms that reduce project risk and time to market. Our flight-proven DC-DC converters can be used with confidence in a wide range of applications.



Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions offers custom converters based on the standard hybrid series, as well as open frame PWB converter platforms.

Additional parametric data and packaging information is available through hyperlinks within the table.

Maximum Output Power

Aerospace and Defense Rad-Tolerant
TID: 25-30 kRads
SEE: 37-60 MeV
TID: 100+ kRads
SEE: 82MeV
Single Dual Triple Single Dual Triple Single Dual Triple
5W ASA ASA - - - - ARA, ARE* ARA, ARE* -
10W - - - - - - S S -
12W AHF AHF - - - - - - -
15W AHV AHV AHV, ATO - - - - - -
20W AHE AHE - - - - - - -
25W - - - M3L M3L - - - -
40W - - - M3H M3H M3H M3GB M3GB M3GB
50W - - - - - - GH - -
120W AFL - - - - - GHP GHP -


Streamline Development & Reduce Risk with Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions

Deciding whether to make or buy DC-DC converters for your application can be a complex choice. With Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions, customers leverage our extensive space engineering and radiation hardness expertise. Our unique hybrid technology delivers benchmark performance in low-weight, highly compact formats.

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions also creates custom derivatives based on proven standard topology and platforms.

Aerospace & Defense Products

MIL-PRF-38534 class H hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters, 4 series' 5W-120W, each with multiple standard models

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Space Products

MIL-PRF-38534 class K hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters, 7 series' 5W-120W, each with multiple standard models, single, dual & triple outputs

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