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Analog Devices

Analog Devices: High Temp

Analog Devices, Inc. is a world-leading semiconductor company specializing in high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs). Its focus is on key strategic markets where their technology is the critical differentiator in customers’ products.

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Apogee Semiconductor

Apogee Semiconductor: GaN Power

Apogee Semiconductor, a leader in Radiation-Hardened-by-Design semiconductors, created with the patented TalRad™ (Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation) process, provides products and technologies for space and other extreme environments.

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Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology: STT-MRAM

Avalanche Technology Inc. is the leader in next generation Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) technology.

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Euroquartz: High Temp

Euroquartz Limited is an independent, UK-based, manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry world-wide.

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GeneSiC: High Temp

GeneSiC is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide technology, while also invested in high power Silicon technologies. The global leading manufacturers of industrial and defense systems depend on GeneSiC's technology to elevate the performance and efficiency of their products.

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InterFET offers one of the industry’s widest varieties of standard and custom discrete JFETs. With over 18 different JFET geometries and 2000+ different part types, InterFET supplies the broadest range of JFET’s in the industry.

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IPDiA: High Temp / Passives

IPDiA was acquired by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in October of 2016

IPDiA is dedicated to the manufacturing of leading edge Integrated Passive Devices, specializing in silicon sub-mounts for lighting and 3D silicon capacitors for medical, industrial, communication and high reliability applications.

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ISOCOM Limited

ISOCOM Limited: Optocouplers

For more than 40 years, ISOCOM Limited has enabled and accelerated customer innovation world-wide through continuous investment in R&D, developing a range of Optocoupler and Power Device solutions, including MOSFETs, MOSFET Switches, Solid State Relays and Custom Designed Components.

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Johanson Dielectrics

Johanson Dielectrics: Passives

Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. has been a worldwide producer of high quality ceramic chip capacitors for over 30 years.

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Johanson Technology

Johanson Technology: Passives

Johanson Technology Incorporated has over twenty five years experience specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality RF & Microwave ceramic chip capacitors, inductors and integrated passives.

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KEMET: Passives

KEMET was acquired by YAGEO Corporation in June of 2020

With over 100 years of technological innovation, KEMET help make a wide variety of products possible in the world's most rapidly expanding industries. KEMET components are found in spacecrafts and defibrillators - from outer space to inside our bodies, and in products we use every day.

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Knowles: High Temp / Passives

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD) is a division of Knowles Corporation that focuses on production of a wide variety of highly engineered Capacitors and Microwave to Millimeter Wave components for use in critical applications.

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KYOCERA AVX is a leading global manufacturer & supplier of advanced electronic
components and innovative sensor, control, connectors and antenna solutions.

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Linear Integrated Systems

Linear Systems: JFET

Linear Integrated Systems has more than 35 years of design and process expertise in JFET and transistor manufacturing. Linear Integrated Systems supplies pin-for-pin replacements for more than 2,000 discrete devices and are the preferred source for many discontinued products.

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Mini-Systems Inc.

Mini-Systems, Inc.: Passives

Mini-Systems, Inc. is a world class leader in the manufacture of precision passive components and packages.

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NASCENTechnology: High Temp

NASCENTechnology is a leader in the magnetics industry, with decades of experience in wire wound and LTCC components. With a team comprised of experienced, highly qualified engineering and manufacturing staff. 

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RCD: Passives

For more than 50 years, RCD’s high-volume production and custom components have outperformed the competition, offering expansion solutions in critical industries from power generation and green energy to defense and space exploration.

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Sital Technology

Sital Technology: MIL-STD-1553 / Data Bus

Sital Technology, founded in 1997, is a worldwide leading supplier of communication data bus solutions for avionics, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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State of the Art, Inc.

State of the Art, Inc.: Passives

State of the Art, Inc. is the leading supplier of thick and thin film resistive components to the Biomedical, Communications, Aerospace, and Defense industries.

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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments: High Temp

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog integrated circuits (ICs) and embedded processors. By employing the world's brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology.

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Transys: MOSFET / Transistor / Diode

Transys Electronics Ltd is a privately owned semiconductor manufacturer located in Birmingham, UK. Transys now owns and operates a full capability 5000 square foot power semiconductor waferfab along with vacuum soldering assembly capability.

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United Silicon Carbide, inc.

United Silicon Carbide: High Temp

UnitedSiC was acquired by Qorvo in November of 2021

United Silicon Carbide (UnitedSiC), a leading manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors.

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Vishay: High Temp / Passives

Working together Micross and Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. provide a “one-source solution” for a diverse portfolio of products and services. Vishay is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of both passive electronic components and discrete semiconductors.

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VPG: High Temp

VPG sensors, weighing solutions, and measurement systems deliver the highest levels of accuracy and reliability when precision matters. 

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