Micross’ ceramic hermetic space-grade MRAM, utilizing Avalanche Technologies spin-torque magneto-resistive random-access memory, offers true random read/write access while being highly resistant to magnetic flux & radiation. These inherent characteristics mitigate the need for radiation shielding, while providing near infinite endurance and best-in-class non-volatile memory data retention. This MRAM device architecture is analogous to Flash technology with an SRAM compatible READ/WRITE interface with an added performance enhancement, an Asynchronous Page Mode feature.


Optimal Design
  • Smallest hermetic Rad-Hard MRAM package available
  • Spin-Torque Transfer technology MRAM is highly resistant to magnetic flux, mitigating the need for radiation shielding
  • Spin-Torque Transfer technology has near infinite endurance and data retention greater than 10 years
  • MRAM memory offers the fastest access time of non-volatile memories
  • Best power profile of all non-volatile memories
    • Standby current: 5.5mA; Active current: 90mA
Flexible Package Options
  • LGA & BGA ceramic packages options available in 142 pad/solder-ball provides integration flexibility


  • Space grade processor based systems and FPGA boards
  • LEO, MEO, GEO, and HEO space missions
  • Satellites
  • Launch vehicles
  • Space systems and vehicles
  • Aerospace Systems

Key Features

  • 22nm pMTJ STT-MRAM (Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction)
  • Inherently Rad-Hard MRAM technology
  • 1Gb of Spin-Torque Persistent MRAM in a single, small footprint & low-profile package (18mm x 20mm x 1.65mm)
    • Density Organization: 1Gb, 32M x 32
  • Asynchronous Page Mode feature
  • Access performance: 45ns min.
Operating & Environmental Specifications
  • Quality Flows
    • Space Flows
      • Rad-Hard (RH): 300 krad TID
      • Rad-Tolerant (RT): 100 krad TID
    • Military Flows
      • Rad-Tolerant (RT): 100 krad TID
      • Non-Rad
  • Excellent Single Event Effects (SEE) Performance
    • SEU tolerance > 120.7 MeV cm2/mg
    • SEL threshold > 85.4 MeV cm2/mg
  • Operating Voltage Range: VCC: 2.70V - 3.60V
  • Temperature range: -55°C to +125°C

1Gb Ceramic Space-Grade MRAM

Base Part #: MYXxxSMS01GP32xxx-45/x
Package: Ceramic LGA, Ceramic BGA