Counterfeit Mitigation Services

IC Counterfeit Detection Testing

Counterfeit components are entering the supply chain more frequently than ever and now, one of the largest risk factors faced when purchasing electronic components. While many of these components appear genuine, they are actually sub-standard and compromise the efficiency and functionality resulting in a catastrophic failure at a crucial time in Aerospace & Defense, Space, Commercial applications.

Micross Clearwater is an independent third-party ITAR-Registered counterfeit mitigation lab that performs screening of customer-supplied components in accordance with AS6081 and AS6171 requirements. Our testing services provide an elevated level of assurance for contractors providing electronic components to the DoD, who are subject to DFARS 252.246.7007 and 7008.

Micross Clearwater uses up-to-date counterfeit mitigation procedures including Visual Inspection (IDEA1010 Checklist), Mark Permanency (MIL-STD-883), Decapsulation,  DNA Marking, X-Ray and XRF.  In addition, we specialize in electrical/up-screen testing, temperature testing, environmental shock testing and burn-in life cycle testing of IC components. Micross Clearwater is currently in the process of obtaining ISO17025.  Micross UK also offers IC Counterfeit Detection Testing Services.