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Micross’ Premier Counterfeit Mitigation test lab performs screening of components in accordance with defined government & industry standards. As an independent third-party lab, Micross is a clear choice to help complete your BOM with known good parts when failure is not an option and every second counts!

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DLA Certified

Micross’ Premier Counterfeit Mitigation Services, is a quality-driven, independent, ITAR-Registered counterfeit mitigation lab that performs screening of customer-supplied components, and is certified to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, AS6171, and AS6081. For more than 40 years our testing services have enabled an elevated level of assurance for contractors providing electronic components to the DoD. Micross wholly owned Independent (from source of supply) Test Houses in North America and Europe.

Industry Leading Turn Around Time… AS6081 & Individual Lab Tests in as Fast as 3 Days!

Quick turn and cost-effective, complete end-to-end testing and validation services, with expanded capacity and new standard lead times of as fast as 10 days for complete lot AS6171 testing!

AS6081: As Fast As 3 Days!

AS6171 (Full-Lot Testing): As Fast As 2 Weeks!

Individual Lab Tests: As Fast As 3 Days!

Complete Portfolio of Counterfeit Mitigation Testing Services

Documentation Packaging


Physical Orientation
Leads or Spheres
Size, Weight, & Shape


Internals (Non-Destructive) X-Ray
Die Shape & Size
Lead Frame
Bond Wires

Internals (Non-Destructive)

Composition Correct Metals


Marking Resistance to Solvents
3:1 Spirits/Alcohol
Heated Solvents


Internals (Destructive) Decapsulation
Die Markings

Internals (Destructive)

Solderability Leads Free of Contaminants and/or Corrosion


Electrical Performance Confirm Operation

Electrical Performance

Tiny to Complex Components

  • They Are All Critical for the Success of Your Platform!

Unique and Extensive Expertise

  • RF Parts: Measure and Record Return Loss and Gain
  • High Voltage Parts Processing (Optocouplers)
  • Memory Parts: Read, Verify, Program, ID Check
  • Automation: Automatically Log Test Results

Thousands of Device Types

  • 10,000+ Part Device Types Supported from Legacy to Leading Edge

Targeted Test Plan

  • Tuned to Align with the Original Manufacturer Data Sheet Specifications
  • Optional Upscreening
  • Optional Reconditioning: Retinning, Reball

Qualified to the Highest Standards

Micross inspects the component and packaging using the IDEA 1010 methodology and checklist to identify non-conformances on the IC body, leads and markings. High powered inspection equipment and experienced highly trained lab technicians, combined with Micross’ Counterfeit Database are all factors ensuring that any external issues are identified and documented.



  • North America - Clearwater, FL
  • Europe - Crewe, UK

Industry Leadership

  • G-19A Subcommittee on Counterfeit Detection for SAE AS6171
  • SMTA Corporate Member and Event Sponsor
  • SMTA Counterfeit Symposium Technical Committee
  • ERAI Member and Contributor to Counterfeit Database
  • Counterfeit Testing for DMEA Study with the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE)
  • IDEA 1010 committee to finalize the inspection standard Rev C.
  • GIDEP (Government Industry Data Exchange Program) Member