When Military or Space grade products are not available, Micross will recondition COTS product to OEM specifications.

Component Solutions

  • Re-tin ROHS compliant parts where leaded interconnects are required
    • - Robotic Hot Solder Dip
    • - BGA Reballing
  • Lead Attach
    • - Lead Attach to ceramic or plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
    • - Lead Replacement
    • - CGA Attach
  • Reform leads to OEM specification
    • - Trim & Form
    • - Reconditioning of bent or damaged leads
  • Packaging
    • - Lead Attach to ceramic or plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
    • - Tape and Reel
    • - 3D Scan
    • - Bake and Package
    • - Marking & Labeling

PCB Solutions

  • Rework & Repair enabling Non-working qualified PCBs to be reused
  • Specializing in package-on-package, LGA, QFN, CSP and other challenging components
  • Adhere to IPC-7711/7721 rework standards
  • 4-point inspection on each component placed
  • 5D X-ray, used to locate & address the most difficult manufacturing and reworking issues
  • Trace modification in inaccessible areas, under BGAs or other sensitive components
  • Repair damaged traces and solder mask, incorrectly installed components, defects
  • Restore pad sites for any component, including fine-pitch and variable-pitch BGAs, QFNs, and package-on-package stacks
  • Removal and replacement of BGA, Micro BGA, and flip-chip, plus the majority of fine-pitch components