When the original die is not available,
Micross can produce a Form-Fit-Function recreation

With the broadest access to die, Micross will source a functionally equivalent die or component. Interposers connect the I/O of the die to the device’s board-level interconnect, creating an exact drop-in-replacement for the existing board socket. The device is then tested to the defined requirements to ensure reliability and prepared for PCB assembly via component modification services.

Product Recreation

Product recreation Flow

Source Functionally Equivalent Die

Micross will procure and store die in secure & environmentally controlled die/wafer banks.

  • Exclusive access to largest base of die manufacturers
  • Lot Acceptance Testing
  • Wafer Test
  • Long-Term Die/Wafer Storage

Die & Wafer Processing

Die is prepared for Packaging & Assembly

  • Wafer Bumping
  • Wafer Sawing
  • Die Plating
  • Pick & Place
  • Visual Inspection
  • Radiation Testing & Qualification

Packaging & Assembly

An interposer is used to create an exact drop-in-replacement

  • Precision Die Attach: Epoxy, Eutectic, Lead, Lead-free Solder and Thermal Compression
  • Advanced Interconnect: Solder bumping, Cu pillar, Cu-based microbumps & assembly
  • 3D Integration Technology: TSV, TGV, Si interposers, Redistribution Layers (RDLs)
  • Hermetic Ceramic & Metal Can: gull wing, QFP, PGA, flatpack, formed lead flatback
  • Wire Bond: Au & Al Wire, Ball/Wedge Bonding, Wedge/Wedge, Heavy Gauge Wedge/Wedge
  • Plastic: CSP/BGA/LGA/QFN & Qualified PEMs
  • Patented PADS fluxless assembly process
  • Lid Seal/Encapsulation
  • Epoxy, solder, resistance weld, parallel seam seal
  • Marking/lead finishing

Test & Inspection

Testing performed to customer specification

  • Full suite of electrical testing; automated complex functional testing; Mil-Spec Testing & Upscreening
  • PEMS Qualification & Upscreening: Enables cost effective and widely available COTS components to be used in Hi-Rel applications

Component Modification

Lead, Tim/Form, and other finishing services applied to complete device for PCB assembly

  • Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD)
  • BGA Reballing
  • Lead Attach
  • Lead Trim & Form
  • Marking & Labeling / Kitting