STS provides a full range of mechanical testing services including mechanical shock and vibration testing. We have decades of expertise and experience in testing solder joint reliability, ball shear, die shear and pull, and wire pull. Our mechanical testing meets all ISTA standards and test procedures, ASTM standards and FedEx test procedures.

STS has invested in the ground-breaking vibration tool from Sentek Dynamics for Long Stroke Shake and Vibration testing. This electro-dynamic shaker allows for system-level vibration testing at low frequency and high amplitude with a 3” long-stroke to simulate real-world heavy environmental test conditions.

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The STS Advantage
  • Sentek Dynamics Long Stroke Shake and Vibration tester
  • Decades of experience testing parts for military, aerospace and commercial applications
  • In-house capability to qualify the most complex packages and devices
  • Level I (Component) and Level II (System) Qualification
Typical Applications
  • Microprocessors
  • CPUs, SIPs and SOCs
  • High-speed memories and data converters
  • RF devices
  • Board bend test
  • Shock, vibration, centrifuge
  • Bond/die/lead stress analysis

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