Burn-In is the application of thermal and electrical stress to induce the failure of devices that have inherent defects not detected by other testing procedures. Based on decades of experience in reliability testing, STS offers a high-quality, cost-effective approach to burn-in for high-power devices. It starts with the Innovative Thermal Controller 360 (ITC360™), a unique product designed by STS to overcome the temperature regulation barriers of high power dissipative devices such as processors, SIPs and SOCs. This unique solution breaks the boundaries of technology, performs Level II burn-in and tests high power dissipative devices enabling thermal regulation.

Advanced Chamberless Burn-In

With the ITC360™, testing can be conducted directly on the bench without the use of interconnect devices. Real-time monitoring provides early detection of overheating to avoid deterioration and defective components, modules or systems. STS employs intelligent burn-in within a liquid environment called Thermal Electric Cooling, is a critical undertaking that requires accurate understanding of the process, the device under test (DUT) and the actual application of the device.

For burn-in-with-test requirements, STS has invested in the High-Power Burn-In System (HPB-5B) from Micro Control Company (MCC). This sophisticated tool performs burn-in-with-test on high-powered VLSI, microprocessors, and memory devices. The HPB-5B also performs engineering characterization, life test and peak load production screening. STS has the ability to test in liquid, including salt-water simulated environments.

For RF device testing, STS has created the Advanced Chamberless Burn-in to test HTOL of RF devices in a bench-top, open-air environment to offer greater efficiency at lower costs. This state-of-the-art proprietary tool allows for temperature regulation of individual devices.

The STS Advantage
  • Decades of expertise and experience in reliability testing
  • Precise temperature control
  • Real-time monitoring to predict overheating
  • Special burn-in environments for RF testing and liquid testing
Typical Applications
  • Microprocessors
  • CPUs, SIPs and SOCs
  • High-speed memories
  • RF devices
  • STS Innovative Thermal Controller 360
  • MCC HPB-5B High-Power Burn-In System
  • STS Advanced Chamberless Burn-In System

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