Reliability Testing

For 40+ years, Micross STS has provided reliability and qualification testing for military, aerospace/defense and commercial devices. Micross STS has extensive experience in Level I (Component) and Level II (System) qualification. Our reliability plans are designed specific to the device application, its suitability of use, their interaction in subsystems, its’ field use and storage conditions.

Today, Micross STS continues to be the premier laboratory of choice within San Jose providing advanced assembly, test and qualification services. We’ve made significant investments in next-gen equipment as well as established proprietary processes to better serve the needs of our customers.

Our reliability testing services include:

  • Accelerated Evaluation & Qualification
  • Advanced Chamberless Burn-in (RF device testing)
  • Board-level Solder Joint Reliability
  • Mechanical Testing
  • High-reliability Qualification
  • Device characterization / Feasibility Analysis
  • Multiple package/product evaluation
  • High-powered, liquid and RF burn-in

Reliability testing

Reliability Testing Cycle


Application of thermal and electrical stress to induce the failure of devices that have inherent defects not detected by other testing procedures

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Full range including mechanical shock and vibration testing and decades of expertise and experience in testing solder joint reliability

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