Nuclear Event Detector (NED)

NED Product Part

Micross Components’ MYXRHNEDHCJ/X Nuclear Event Detector provides a functional replacement for nearly 40-year old legacy NED devices.

The Nuclear Event Detector is available screened to Class H Military flow or Class K Space flow, and feature integrated differential drivers – providing improved overall noise immunity, 300% greater radiation dose sensitivity, and 25% faster response times in comparison with legacy devices. Legacy NED devices require external differential drivers, which typically increase weight due to additional radiation shielding requirements, and further increase response times by up to 100%. 

Customized NEDs can be optimized for the fastest response time, highest sensitivity, broadest dynamic range, reduced size and weight, or the most optimal combination of these features to address your specific requirements. 


Part Number Screening Flow Package Configuration RFQ RFI Tech Support
MYXRHNEDHCJ/K Class K Ceramic 44 Pin
High Performance, Functional Replacement for DDC HSN-3000 with Differential Drivers and Receivers RFQ RFI Tech Support
Custom NED RFQ RFI Tech Support


Micross Components’ MYXRHNED Nuclear Event Detector can detect gamma radiation pulses from a nuclear event. Within 15 ns following the leading edge of an incoming gamma radiation pulse, the NED will assert its differential pulse and level output signals. The NED’s level output may then be reset by the assertion of a differential input signal. The MYXRHNED features a minimum dose rate threshold of 5 x 104 rads(Si)/sec, thereby providing higher sensitivity than currently available NEDs. The dose rate threshold can be increased upwards up to 2 x 107 rads(Si)/sec, by means of an external adjustment resistor. The NED, which is available in a 44 pin J-Lead ceramic package, is radiation hardened, enabling it to operate reliably in environments with high gamma doses and dose rates, neutrons and heavy ions; and provide immunity to latch up.  It achieves this by using a rad-hard-by-design ASIC designed specifically for this purpose.  Since the ASIC contains the line drivers and receivers on-board as Rad Hard blocks, no additional consideration is need for those functions.



  • Gamma Dose Rate Sensitivity Threshold Range Adjustable from 5 x 104 to 2 x 107 rads (Si) / sec.
  • 44 Pin J-Lead SMT Package (.650in x .650in x .113in)
  • Integrated Differential Line Drivers and Receivers Eliminates the Need for Sheilding External Drivers and Recievers
  • Total Dose (Device Survivability): 1 x 106 rads (Si)
  • Dose Rate (Operate Through): 1 x 1012 rads (Si) / sec.
  • Neutron Fluence (Operate Through): 5 x 1013 neutrons / cm2
  • Delay from Radiation Detected to Output Signal Asserted: 15ns
  • 3.3V Power Requirement
  • -55 to +125°C Temperature Range
  • Differential Line Drivers and Receivers All Operate Through Prompt Dose Without Extra Shielding


  • 4X Lower Minimum Dose Rate Sensitivity
  • 25% Faster Response Time – Enabling a More Rapid Shutdown of Critical Electronics
  • Improved Noise Immunity
  • Use Output Signal to Shut Down Power Supplies, Take Processors Offline and Block Memory Write Operations
  • Manufactured on US soil in the Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry
  • Improvements in Obsolescence Mitigation with In-House Sourced PIN Diode and ASIC

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