Wafer Test

Micross has extensive experience and in-house expertise to design test programs and perform the wafer testing and sorting using our state-of-the-art Accretech 8” and 12” wafer probers. We design vertical probe cards and develop programs for a wide range of circuits, including RF devices running as fast as 6 GHz and high-speed digital ICs with clock speeds as high as 10 GB/sec. Key features of Micross wafer test and sort services include thermal control, multi-site probing, bake retention, bumped wafer probing, in-line or off-line inking, auto alignment and probe mark and wafer ID inspection.

Wafer testing

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Micross Advantages
  • More than four decades of experience serving Aerospace, Defense, Space and Industrial markets
  • 300 mm (12 inch) and 200 mm (8 inch) capabilities
  • RF speeds up to 6 GHz
  • High-speed digital ICs up to 10 GB/sec
  • Direct dock 12"/300mm wafer probers
  • 6", 8" or 12" wafer capacity, final test at wafer level
  • Hot-probe facility (25C to130C) up to 200C for limited tests
  • Full parametric testing functional test
  • Speed or Trim binning
  • Multi-map wafer mapping probing and traying system
  • Wafer-Level Programming


  • Verigy/Advantest 93K SOC
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K PinScale
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K PortScale
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K SmartScale SL
  • LTX-Credence D10
  • LTX Credence Quarter
  • LTX Credence SC312/SC212
  • LTX Credence ASLX
  • LTX Fusion CX

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