Novel Microfabrication & MEMS

Micross AIT is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative materials, microstructures and devices for microsystem integration and packaging. Our extensive experience and process capabilities for back-end-of-line processing allows us to offer unique solutions for:

  • Wafer-level vacuum packaging
  • Monolithic device integration
  • 3D Microstructures for Vacuum Microelectronics

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Wafer-Level Vacuum Packaging

Micross AIT has developed a metal-metal bonding process for wafer-level vacuum and hermetic packaging of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) and other devices. Matching seal ring structures formed on device and passive cap/window wafers are bonded through diffusion processes to form hermetically sealed device packages that are thermally and mechanically stable for downstream processes (e.g., dicing and assembly).


Monolithic Device Integration

Micross AIT works collaboratively with customers to fabricate device structures directly on IC or passive wafers. Since 2002, we have been fabricating pixilated, suspended bridge structures on IC wafers for an infrared scene projector application. We can facilitate use of new materials, process development and process transfer, along with continuous process modification and improvement to provide and support our clients’ unique device requirements.

3D Microstructures for Vacuum Microelectronics

Using a combination of standard and non-standard microfabrication techniques, we have successfully developed and produced 3D microstructures for vacuum microelectronic applications such as terahertz (THz) devices and electron sources. These microstructures make use of our expertise in isotropic and anisotropic silicon etching, electroplating and high-density interconnect bonding, as well as non-standard processes such as high-rate diamond etching and selectively grown carbon nanotube field emitters.


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