EPC for GaN based RF transmitters

  • ProductFamily: EGBN
  • NumberOfOutput: 3
  • OutputPower: 70W
  • OutputConfiguration: Output 1: +30V to +60V/65W
    Output 2: +2.5V to +5V/0.5A or 3W max
    Output 3: - 2.5V to -15V/0.5A or 3W max
  • KeyApplicationsAndFeature: EPC for GaN based RF transmitters
  • User adjustable voltage for output: 1
    Output over voltage protection
    Active discharge of output 1 during command OFF
    Output ON/OFF Sequencing
  • Size_mm_LWH: 124.2 x 84.7 x 23.6
  • Mass: < 225g

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