Multi-Chip Modules

Flip Chip and Multi-Chip Module Assembly

Micross offers a wide array of flip chip assembly capabilities, from single chip placements to multi-chip module and system-in-package assembly of multiple die and components.

  • Flip chip assembly for single and multi-chip applications
  • Precision die placement with accuracies better than ± 0.5 microns
  • Heterogeneous integration with Si, III-V and other device types/materials
  • Plasma Assisted Dry Soldering (PADS) Process enables true fluxless for assembly for Sn-bearing solders

Flip Chip

Metal-Metal Bonding for 2.5/3D Technologies

2.5D and 3D integration technologies are driving the integration of devices with extremely high interconnect densities for Si interposer and chip stacking applications.

  • Solid/liquid interdiffusion assembly with CuSn-Cu bump arrays demonstrated down to 10 micron pitch
  • Cu/Cu thermocompression bump bonding demonstrated down to 5 micron pitch
  • Solutions for chip stacking and high thermal stability interconnects that remain solid at high temperatures

Metal-Metal BondingMetal-Metal Bonding