We offer an extensive array of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) - both hermetic and plastic - including a wide selection of power modules and small-signal discretes. We also stock a wide range of upscreened plastic products, including an assortment of iPEMS memory devices that have been tested to selected high-reliability performance levels.

Micross Retail+

Reballed / Lead-Solder Exchanged & Screened Products

Micross’ Retail+ product line enables customers to use industry leading components that were not previously available for their hi-rel, long life applications. Micross purchases COTS components and enhances them for use in aerospace, defense, space, military, industrial and medical applications.

Retail+ Products are converted from RoHS Pb-free solder metallurgies to tin-lead (SnPb 63/37) based metallurgies. Pb-free BGA packages are reballed and Pb-free leaded and non-leaded packages go through a solder dip exchange using our established processes that brings them up to standards for use in hi-rel applications.

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