CGA (Column Grid Array)

Micross provides a variety of Column Attach Services following identical processes, materials and workmanship standards as customers have been accustomed to historically from IBM.

  • 10/90 Sn/Pb Columns
  • Column Attach w/ Palladium Paste
  • Precision Coplanarity & Pitch
  • Post Column Attach Electrical Test (-55°C to +125°C)
  • Application Specific Burn-In
  • Complete Turnkey Solution (Column Attach & Test)

The sheer design and craftsmanship of the patented column attach process by Micross guarantees a superior hi-reliability interconnect and best suited for assembly & component attached integrity. Micross’ highly technical development team coupled with comprehensive electrical and thermal characterization capabilities, allow for seamless turnkey assembly and custom, build-to-suit packaging.

CGA Column Grid Attach Satellite