Board Level Qualification

Reliability Tests

  • Characterize devices for a wide array of electrical (DC/RF), mechanical and environmental stresses to ascertain best-in-class FIT rates

Level I & Level II Qualification

  • Evaluate die, package and board-level reliability

Qualification Regime

  • Smart Burn-in, HAST, ESD, EFR, IME, ACBI™

Customized Reliability Tests

  • Customized product qualification plans
  • Specialized set-ups, real-time in-situ monitoring and data-logging capabilities

Failure Analysis

  • Capability to perform in-depth investigation of failures

Customized Screening Capability

  • Capability to screen parts as per customer requirements for Flight and ITAR applications


Micross  STS provides advanced test services and serves as one of the laboratories of choice within Silicon Valley.