2.5 & 3D Integration

Micross AIT works with a wide variety of clients and partners, bringing integrated process, design, testing and analysis capabilities to projects involving custom application-driven development.

Micross AIT offers access to our 2.5D/3D technology platform through joint development projects, prototyping services and small volume production. Our 2.5D/3D integration technology platform is based on several enabling process modules, which include:

  • Through-silicon via (TSV) interconnects
  • High density 3D IC applications, filled 2-10 μm diameter, up to 8:1 aspect ratio and 10-50 μm pitch
  • Lower density 2.5D/3D package architectures, 10-50 μm diameter, aspect ratio of 4:1 to 6:1 and 50-500 μm pitch; vias can be filled or barrel coated
  • Wafer thinning (to < 20 μm Si thickness) and processing on temporary carrier wafer
  • Flip-chip and high-density metal-metal bonding, down to <10 μm pitch
  • Large-area multi-level metal routing with standard RDL (down to 10 μm L/S) or dual damascene process (down to 6 μm L/S)

Micross AIT can provide a variety of integration solutions to meet your project needs.