Quality is the Cornerstone of Our Organization

Micross Components is committed to delivering differentiated value to our customers throughout all of our sites. We continually monitor internal metrics & business processes and our team consistently strives to provide customers with industry-leading quality services and products while upholding our long-tenured reputation of strict standards for quality and reliability.

Constant Monitoring

We don't just wait for our customers and partners to tell us how we're doing; we closely keep track of it. We continually monitor internal metrics which have consistently ranked us ahead of the competition in customer service & satisfaction, reliability and overall quality.

Component Modification Services - Added Capabilities

With the recent addition to Micross, customers trust Corfin because the high attention to detail ensures their systems are free of risk from tin-whisker and gold embrittlement in mission and life critical systems. Our team consistently strives to provide customers with industry-leading quality services and products ensuring our ongoing commitment to the highest quality assurance implementation including:

  • Extensive contract review process - Dedicated staff to ensure all details of the contract flow down to all personnel involved in the process. Intranet-based software from quoting to shipment.
  • Large quality investment - Inline auditing of processes by highly-skilled quality personnel to ensure proactive compliance; continuous improvement through automation, training and employee engagement.
  • State-of-the-art facilities - Micross Manchester’s 63,000 sq. ft. New Hampshire headquarters and 25,000 sq. ft. Texas Operation employs engineering and technical maintenance staff to ensure our equipment remain the industry’s best.
  • Focused on repeatability - 100% product tracking through process.

Our Certifications

US Based Sites

Orlando, FL
Milpitas, CA
Raleigh, NC
Manchester, NH (formerly Corfin)
Round Rock, TX (formerly Corfin)
Hatfield, PA
Clearwater, FL

UK Based Sites


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