Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions offers a large portfolio of space-level radiation-hardened (rad hard) hermetic, hybrid DC-DC converters and PCB open frame and enclosed power supplies. The hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters are qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and available as Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs). Design practices follow military standards and de-ratings. Our space-level DC-DC converter offering includes:

High Reliability Hermetic Hybrid DC-DC Converters

  • General purpose and application-specific DC-DC converters, including MIL-STD-461 filters
  • Standard and advanced functionality and protections
  • License-free exportable (EAR-99) rad hard products
  • Radiation Hardened Assurance (RHA) plan
  • Immunity to TID, SEE, neutron and prompt dose radiation environments in space

High reliability PCB/PWB DC-DC converters (open frame or enclosed)

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions' rad hard power supply units (PSU) deliver high efficiency and excellent overall performance, while supporting

  • High current
  • High power
  • Complex designs
  • Advanced topology and magnetic design

We deliver a range of standard platforms based on a general design philosophy which can be tailored to the customer’s program requirements. Fully customized designs are also supported. All models and variants are supplied with full data analysis package. Contact us with your specific power conversion needs.


Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions offers custom converters based on the standard hybrid series, as well as open frame PWB converter platforms.

Additional parametric data and packaging information is available through the hyperlinks within the table.

Maximum Output Power Rad-Tolerant
TID: 25-30 kRads
SEE: 37-60 MeV
TID: 100-200 kRads
SEE: 82MeV
Single Dual Triple Single Dual Triple
5W - - - ARA, ARE* ARA, ARE* -
10W - - - S S -
25W M3L M3L - - - -
30W - - - LS, LSO LS, LSO -
50W - - - GH - -
120W - - - GHP GHP -

DC-DC Converter Solutions

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions is a leader in power management solutions for high reliability and space applications. Located in San Jose, California, the facility is DLA certified Class K to design and manufacture ruggedized hermetic hybrid DC-DC converters. The group is supported by a design center in Herlev, Denmark for spacecraft power system designs and complex power conversion system solutions. Decades of heritage in high reliability applications signify the company’s unwavering commitment to deliver nothing but the very best in power management solutions to the defense, aerospace, and space industries.

Our standard and radiation-hardened converters are at the heart of systems powering mankind’s most missioncritical applications. You’ll find us throughout the world and above it, in commercial and military aircraft, missiles, smart munitions, weapon systems, launch vehicles, LEO/MEO satellites, and GEO satellites.

Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions’ steady thrust in crafting the best in technology with the best in technique for the industry has resulted in highly reliable solutions rich in innovation and unmatched in ability. Micross Hi-Rel Power Solutions’ new 89% efficient, all-hybrid Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) developed for spacecraft is but one example.