Wafer Probing

Micross’ highly-trained engineers can write test programs to handle any probe test. Our test facilities are equipped with the latest high-speed probe equipment, so we can conduct tests – analog, digital, discrete and mixed-signal -- quickly and economically.


  • Direct dock 12”/300mm wafer probers
  • Elevated & low temperature
  • 6”, 8” or 12” wafer capacity, Final test at wafer level
  • Hot-probe facility (25°C 130°C) (up to 200°C for limited tests)
  • Full parametric testing, functional test
  • Speed or trim binning
  • Probing and upscreening of customers’ own product
  • Multi-map wafer-mapping probing and traying system

Wafer Probing Services Offered:

  • Cold Temperature Probe Testing
  • Hot Temperature Probe Testing
  • Wafer-Level Programming

Wafer Probe