The harness tester consists of two units, a base unit CP300Ht-1 and a transmitter unit CP300HT-2. The transmitter unit is required only for testing crossover of the signal between any two points on the bus. All other tests are performed with the base unit. Both units operate on 9v batteries and are independently charged from the charger provided. Battery life is enhanced by the push-to-test feature, whereby circuits are energized on an as-needed basis.

LED Indication (Base Unit)

Conductor to shield short Green = Pass
Red = Fail
Stub Continuity Green = Pass
Red = Fail
Bus Termination Red = Fail Open/High Termination
Green = Pass
Red = Fail Short/Low Termination
Phase Reversal Green = Pass
Red = Fail
Battery Indicator Red = Low

LED Indication (Trasmitter Unit)

Battery Indicator Flashing Red = Low
Transmit Indicator (When both units are connected to a working bus and S4 on the base unit is pressed) Flashing Green = OK
Battery Charger
Input 120 vac, 60Hz
Output Dual 9 volts for charging main unit and transmitter simultaneously

Accessories included: Two 9 volt batteries, Two cables, 1m long, with PL75 connectors at each end and a Battery Charger. A validation kit, CP300HTV is optionally available to validate operation of the tester.