Hi-Rel Lead Attach/Replacement

Micross offers a range of lead attachment services based on our proprietary process, developed to maintain the integrity of component-to-PCB solder joints under stress. We use high-compliance leads that protect the solder interface by allowing the component to flex.

Options include:

  • Thermocompression weld for leadless chip carriers with gold plated finish
  • Tin-Lead (5/95) solder for pre-tinned leadless chip carriers

Lead Replacement

Micross can also replace and reform gold-plated or pre-tinned leads to:

  • Change the footprint of an existing device to gain real estate or extra compliance
  • Recover a device where the leads have been trimmed too short
  • Modify leadless packages

Lead Attachment Services

Micross’ timely and cost-effective lead attach services have been used to successfully replace and reform leads on components for hi-reliability applications including helicopters, missiles and satellites.

High Temperature Solder Lead Attachment Process

For pre-tinned LCCs 0.350 inches square or larger

During the past several decades, Micross has successfully attached leads to hundreds of thousands of devices using our post-assembly high-temperature lead-attachment process.

For tin-lead soldering, we use high-liquid-temperature 5Sn-95Pb solder alloy to prevent solder reflow of leaded packages as they undergo further processing. This method of lead attachment often exceeds the stringent lead-integrity requirements of MIL-STD-883, without impacting the electrical characteristics of the packaged device.