PCB Reworking

PCB rework and X-Ray inspection

Micross' special rework and repair service is dedicated to providing a quality service to recognized IPC standards. We offer automated removal and replacement of BGA, Micro BGA, and flip-chip plus majority of fine-pitch components. Our specialist rework service is enhanced by our in-house capability to x-ray inspect a variety of electronic components.

X-RAY Inspection of PCB Assembly

X-Ray inspection includes components such as BGA CSP encapsulated devices.

PCB Re-working

PCB Rework

Investment in state-of-the-art technology ensures control, repeatability and quality of repair.

Also available for lead-free initiatives:

  • X-ray fluorescence testing for Pb-free components
  • X-ray fluorescence testing and verification for compliance to EU directives, RoHS, WEEE and EVL
  • Screening for concentrations of Pb in products above specified limits

PCB Re-working